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Property Management

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Property Management in Suriname

By giving us the key of your property, that means confidence. That’s a great responsibility and we’re aware of that every day. Our goal is that you can outsource the complete management of your real estate portfolioin Suriname without worries.

If you live in Curacao, Netherlands, America or elsewhere and  you have a home in Suriname which you’d like to rent out, contact us. We’d love to be of service.

We like to make a contribution to maximizing your returns and value retention of your real estate.

Core of our approach is a complete package of services customized to the needs of each owner, private or institutional investor. Whether it’s just the administrative management, or also to technical and commercial management, you get a total solution tailored to your specific needs.

• Development of your inventory list
• Photography State of maintenance
• Rental ready (painting, minor maintenance)
• Green and garden maintenance
• Development of a  maintenance plan
• Cleaning
• Maintenance budgets
• Overdue and/or preventative maintenance
• Rental contracts
• Tenants check
• Insurance
• Periodic checks

Administrative management
If you choose this package, then we offer you the essential work for smooth rent current:
• Limited contact and correspondence with tenant
• Collecting and adjusting rent
• Credit management
• Monthly rent bill
• In-outcheckreport

Technical management
We can act as an intermediary between tenant and owner in the technical field:
• Periodic checks
• Accepting and handling tenants responses to technical field
• Direct handling urgent technical complaints
• Other issues and proposal for settlement to owner do
• Settling claims with insurance company
• Troubleshooting to installations
• Rental preparation
• Ordering and monitor proper execution small maintenance
• Assess according to budget, contracts, commercial management

Through our commercial management services we strive for maximum return from your investment in real estate:
• The maximum rental of keeping your real estate occupied
• Making a multi-annual budget and maintenance plan
• Preparation of candidate requirements in consultation with owner
• Carefully selecting tenants (tenants check)
• Arrange appraisals
• Arrange ads
• Vacancy management if necessary