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Selling your home

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Hiring a professional realtor is not only the most convenient way to sell your house or plot in Suriname, but also the safest way.

Due to the current market situation, there are still a lot of preconceptions about realtors to sell your property. Don’t just choose any real estate agent.

You can contact us without engagement,to get an indication of the current value of your property. This is called a valuation of your home.
Renaissance Realty secures your interest and will save you a lot of time and headaches. The biggest advantage of Renaissance Realty is in particular the years of sales experience we have.

Still not convinced? Let’s list the advantages:

1. Correct price:
A house quickly sells if the price is correct. Is the selling price way too high? Then it could be up for sale for months. But is the price too low, then you will lose money. It is very important to price your property for the right price. We know the Surinamese housingmarket like no other and can advise on the right salesprice.

2. Negotiate:
Selling your home, is a lot of work where negotiations are key. Here too, we can offer you the necessary help. In an objective way we try to negotiate between the two parties to a transaction to generate income for you.

3. Everyone may know!
No one buys your home if they don’t know that it’s for sale. And let’s face it: a sign with “for sale” in front of the home is no longer sufficient. We provide the necessary visibility online and offline and also have a whole network with interested buyers.  It would be a sin not to use it, right?

4. Benefit for the buyer:
A buyer also benefits from a sale through a reliable real estate agent. He knows that the sale will be completed correctly and professionally and that the price he pays for the house in the right price category.

5. Experience:
As a professional property agent we have experience with the selling process in Suriname, so the deal can be closed in no time.

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