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As professional property agent we handle everything when selling your home, property or business property in Suriname. From the presentation to the transfer at the notary.

To prepare and handle the process of a sale is a time-consuming matter. Just as searching for a desired object. As a consumer you don’t just do that alongside you daily chores. Renaissance Realty has a very extensive (international) network and do their utmost best to satisfy you. This saves you valuable time.

Our systematic approach leads to a higher effectiveness: the highest possible yield for your home. Negotiating the price is a delicate issue. There are good arguments, especially a clear look and keeping your cool is necessary. Renaissance Realty knows the tricks of the trade and will handle these exciting conversations in a professional way. The result is almost always better.

Selling a property in Suriname can be stressful, just like buying a property. These are big decisions with major consequences. Some properties are sold within a day, but usually it takes longer. The viewings are really a big chunck for owners to swallow. People walk through your entire property. If you select a real estate agent, you can leave with peace of mind knowing that Renaissance Realty represents your interests the best. Also the period of sale and purchase goes hand in hand with doubts. Should I do this, is this the correct price,  is the school or gym not too far away?
Renaissance Realty is a sounding board to whom you can submit your doubts and we will be pleased to advise you to make an informed decision.

Success has everything to do with dedication and extreme concentration. Buying a property in Suriname is a big step for you, for us it is our profession. We can thereby keep emotion and ratio well separated. And that will save you a lot of money.

We love to go to extremes to satisfy you as our customer.

Renaissance Realty sees it as an honor to help you buy or sell a home, land or business property in Suriname. It requires people skills and life experience to do this, together with the professional expertise. Therefore we make sure to represent your interest in good faith every step of the way.

The extensive and colorful network of Renaissance Realty ensures that we often know beforehand what to buy or who is looking for another property. Your dream property is not always online, or the seller wants a silent sale. We are always informed about the latest developments and often know before a property on the market is, that it’s for sale. So you are the first too!

Years of experience on a theoretical and practical level, Brokers Education and swearing in of our Director as broker/Appraiser ensures our work and your interest is handled properly.