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Life is full of surprises, some pleasant, others slightly less. Family expansion or reduction because children from home or the loss of a loved one. We simply have no influence on some. The way we choose to react to these events, however are controllable by ourselves.

The choice to proceed with the purchase or the sale of our home in Suriname is a serious decision. At Renaissance Realty we are happy to be of service and provide overall guidance in the process of purchasing or selling your home. After all, we’re sure you want the best price, in the shortest amount of time and with a minimum of discomfort when buying or selling your property.
At Renaissance Realty we don’t think in terms of objects, we try to relate to your wishes, for the simple reason that if you’re happy with your purchase or sale, that’s also a positive experience for us.

Renaissance Realty listens to your needs as a customer. We adapt as much as possible and try to schedule appointments at your convenience. Whether an introductory or intake, a viewing, (free) home evaluation or professional appraisal, we don’t have a 9 to 5 mentality. Throughout the entire process of buying or selling, Renaissance Realty keeps you informed of the developments. After every visit we’ll let you know how it went and the feedback we’ve received from potential buyers. If an offer is made, we link back the same day with a proposal and which conditions are requested by a buyer.. If we place a bid on your behalf on your dream home, then we’ll let you know as soon as we have received feedback with response of the other party.

A new color in or around the house? Changes made to the home? No problem!
We come along to take new photos free of charge, in order for a buyer to view up to date and correct pictures of his/her new home. Our service doesn’t stop at the transfer of the property or the plot. We value a lasting relationship, even after the transaction, you can always contact us (non-binding) with your questions or comments.

The power of Renaissance Realty is especially in the humanity’s faith and the future of or our (grand) children. Years of experience have shown that within various (big) organizations in Suriname the human factor is pushed into the background.

We have the humble and simple opinion that a personal approach of your greatest possession is the best way to handle your interests.

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