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Renaissance mirror:
Self-reflection to reflect on the way we work, our choices, the dedication of our skills and competences and how this is perceived by the customer, with a view of the continuous growth of the organization.
We evaluate our personal performance where we look at how we can give an extra dimension to our identity, our motivation in the exercise of our profession can increase and realizing the set goals in the context of personality development.
By identifying the effectiveness of the applied methods, we focus on our professional act. We also look at the context of our functioning by identifying what the impact on our environment and society is, and to what extent we claim responsibility for.

the Greek symbol delta (triangle)
Stands for change. With our innovative and individual method we want to make a positive contribution and a bring change in the Surinamese brokerage.

definition of the word Renaissance:
This literally means rebirth, a period within the European cultural history that followed after a period of decay (moral).

We also experienced the past and present market situation as a period of decline in the real estate business. The market is flooded by people searching for El Dorado and see this beautiful work literally as a gold mine, without having the knowledge.

Now a new period has arrived, a Renaissance of the brokerage, where as it is, the interest of the client should be handled first.