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About This Agent

As a certified Broker/ Appraiser, I am concerned with the representation of the interests of my clients in the sale, rental, purchase, leasing and valuation of immovable property in Suriname on a daily basis.

I also fulfill the proud roles of wife and mother of a bunch of extraordinary girls. Experimenting with food, or outings outside the city with my family and friends, are things that I greatly enjoy, but also the simple things like a good book or movie while sipping a glass of wine are valuable moments.

As the owner and director of Renaissance Realty can I say that I am lucky that my work is my passion and I can therefore see, every client and assignment, as a challenge to improve myself and my qualities. My studies, Real Estate and Engineering, are an excellent basis to execute my work properly. Reliability, providing quality and ethical actions are therefore part of my character.

My biggest successes are part of the satisfaction of my customers. It’s a very good feeling when customers can look back at your service after a certain time, with a positive outcome.

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